About Us

BGK Apparel ®, founded by in 2019 is a unisex luxury gothic streetwear + lifestyle brand based in Texas, USA. The brand is well-known for its exceptional quality, style and authenticity. BGK Apparel ® houses everything from its warehouse, design and branding!

At BGK Apparel ® our main mission is to make unique pieces from high-quality materials to give you a unique look when wearing our clothing. We work with a hand-selected group of suppliers to make sure that our products are to the high standards that we withhold. A collective of friends and industry veterans sought out to launch a collection of items and luxury basics.
We set out to solve a problem: Walk into a selected few department stores or boutiques and you’ll find overwhelming walls of clothing and near-identical designs and washes. A lackluster in Innovation and fit. Also overwhelming emphasis on profit margin instead of unique art and customer satisfaction. We aim to solve this problem!
Innovation shouldn’t be limited, we thought. So we spent several years networking around the world to find the right production partners that allow us to create an accessible product with top-quality hardware, designer fits and innovative details.
In our time in the menswear industry, countless trends and movements have come and gone. But one thing has largely stayed the same: We create unique styles that anchor your brand. BGK Apparel ® is dedicated to making that anchor more interesting.

BGK Apparel ® mission is to create stories beyond imagination through design and innovative concepts to inspire a raw and uncut culture globally.


- BGK Apparel "Unique Is Your Own Style"